Welcome Back

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So while it may seem that I vanished into the abyss I assure that I have been here. Not doing quite as much quilting/sewing/baking as I would like, but still here. And speaking of here, here is a new place. … Continue reading

Hello there…

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I suppose we could move through the pleasantries of ‘how are you’ and ‘where in the world did you go for a good portion of 2010′ but I think it’s best to just jump right back in. That being said … Continue reading


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So I have been playing around with the idea of curves for awhile. But they are scary. After an in depth discussion weighing the merits of hand appliquéing versus piecing I decided to give appliquéing a try. I even did … Continue reading

Good Intentions

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You would think that since I haven’t posted to awhile “ahem” that I would be brimming with new sewing projects, failed cooking attempts and anecdotes but it’s been fairly quiet around here. There was the predictable pandemonium with cake project … Continue reading

Wedding Cake : Part 3

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In keeping with the season it was agreed that one cake should be fallish in nature. We debated on a carrot cake, but there are sooooo may variations and people have pretty distinctive opinions so we opted for a spice … Continue reading

Hut Two Three Four

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In the midst of wedding cake baking and fall festivities I managed to whip out a little quilt for an old friend. I have known Brooke since the days of tutus and sequins. We have commiserated over horrendous dance numbers … Continue reading

Wedding Cakes : Take 2

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Vanilla cupcakes… sounds easy right? They have been making the rounds at birthday parties and swanky bakeries for years. So finding the perfect recipe should be like finding a needle in a pin cushion. But alas I have not done … Continue reading