Good Intentions

You would think that since I haven’t posted to awhile “ahem” that I would be brimming with new sewing projects, failed cooking attempts and anecdotes but it’s been fairly quiet around here. There was the predictable pandemonium with cake project and the usual chaos that accompanies the holidays but now were’re getting our ducks back in a row. And hunting through drawers and cabinets for all the long-underwear and down blankets we can find as the temperatures this week are not supposed to break 20 degrees. Yes I said TWENTY and no we did not move to the Yukon a since we last spoke.

the happy couple

Ben & Martha’s wedding was wonderful and uniquely them. Who else would think to have a sing a-long? But I was bad and didn’t drag out the camera to photograph the fruits of my labor. Luckily the photographer, Jennifer Wetzel, came to the rescue and snapped a couple shots, I hope she got a cupcake before she left!

ringbear pillowCakes!

Wedding cupcakesHandmade cupcake labels

Christmas was wonderful. Lots of family and lovely gifts and some good ole’ wood cuttin’. I received the cookbook All Cakes Considered and am pouring over it every chance I get. Its author is a producer on NPR and her quips and tips As to be expected of a book authored by an NPR producer the writing rivals the recipes. I did manage to get one handmade gift delivered on time this year. Which for those keeping track is progress. My dear Aunt Lulu needed a lap quilt and Sarah’s just happened to have some fabrics right up her alley! I think it will be put to good use this week.

Aunt Lulu Front

Aunt Lulu Back

Aunt Lulu

Matt & I are experiencing the last bit of Christmas tomorrow night at Krause Dining. But more about that after we have indulged our palettes.

All’s pretty quiet around here. Trying to get back into a groove and maybe even be a little productive!


  1. martha

    tessa, that quilt is amazing! great fabric choice as usual!

  2. Your quilt is just beautiful! Delicious fabric choices…Aunt Lulu is a very lucky lady!

    What quilt pattern did you use?

    • Hi Janet
      I didn’t use a pattern, at least not in the traditional sense. I plan out my quilts on graph paper and then adjust as necessary! It’s very scientific!

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