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I suppose we could move through the pleasantries of ‘how are you’ and ‘where in the world did you go for a good portion of 2010’ but I think it’s best to just jump right back in.

That being said Santa was especially impressed by my behavior this year as evidenced by this beauty…

In its proper place

A Viking 6440.

For those keeping track at home I have sewn my way through three previous machines. They were great little machines but seemed to only last a year before I was headed back to Target for another. I was in the market for a better machine but was unimpressed with the current variety on the market. I knew I didn’t want a plastic, I didn’t want a bunch of computerized nonsense and it couldn’t cost a fortune. Which led me to the world of refurbished machines. And with a little collaboration and some impressive eBay maneuvering this 26lb work of art was tucked under the tree for me on Christmas morning. Yes I did say twenty-six pounds, I am considering a pulley system for when I need to move it.

I have yet to try out all the bells and whistles but I have managed to find my way to a straight stitch. Which is handy because some nice boy gave me a Kindle for Christmas, which fits nicely in my purse but it was in desperate need of a barrier between it and the things that live in the bottom of my purse. (On a semi related note how does all that stuff make its way into my purse? I swear there are receipts from five years ago and enough crumbs to live on for a month, even though I cleaned it out last week.) So after a little pep talk I plugged it in. And it was amazing. I was able to whip of this adorable sleeve and a few others for the etsy shop in an afternoon, with not one tear shed or exasperated sigh released.

Hippo Kindle SleevePolka Dot Kindle Sleeve

I was also able to finish a quilt for an adorable little girl who may have been born back in April. I have decided to call it an early birthday present.

Baby Mario Quilt


  1. That’s pretty cute, I like the double tab and the fabric covered buttons!
    I was glad to hear this serger worked! Happy Sewing!

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