Tis the season… for PIE

I have a pretty strict rule that I do not turn on the oven in the summer, especially this summer. So we have been pretty light on baked goods around here, sure there were the occasional spoon cookies (no bake cookies) and plenty of ice-cream to go around but no cakes or cookies or pies. This is a little sad given all the wonderful summer berries but I am not willing to roast for pie, even warm bubbly blackberry peach pie.

However the wonderful mood enhancing fall weather has arrived and with it came the desire to bake. It just so happened a coworker was celebrating their birthday last week and I used it as an excuse to whip up an apple pie.

I admit I was a little rusty, the crust a little thicker then I like, but minimal swearing during the process. I used the Cook’s Illustrated No Fail pie crust, the one with vodka, and loosely followed their basic apple pie recipe. It went over well, just a small sliver made it’s way back home for Matt.

1st Pie of the Season

So here is to pie season.Orchard season. And weather that doesn’t hurt!

And since we’re talking about seasons I suppose we could talk about the holiday season. For once I actually got my act together and made stockings. A few are at Made and hopefully I will get some listed in my shop this week.

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  1. Pat Winn

    Your site is delightful. Can you figure out how to make Helen Kopper’s Chocolate Chiffon pie so it doesn’t have raw eggs in it? That’s the one with 4 egg yolks and 4 egg whites that get whipped, but never cooked. I keep looking at the recipe, but can’t figure out how to make it.

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