French Silk Pie

I will admit that come Turkey day turkey is at the bottom of my list. When there are creamy mashed potatoes, perfectly caramelized sweet potatoes and stuffing with Walnut-Sage bread the bird takes the back seat. However all of these delicacies are really there to set the stage for the pie. Now I have found a pumpkin pie recipe that is pretty good, the secret is yams cooked down with the pumpkin prior to sliding into the shell. But pumpkin, much like carrot cake, does not seem festive enough for a holiday. So at times I’ve made pecan pie, though never meeting the bar set by Aunt Lulu’s pecan pie.

So this year I thought I would try something different for those of us who find pumpkin little lacking. The obvious choice was chocolate and I remembered a Cook’s Country episode a few weeks back where Bridget made a lovely French Silk pie. So in an effort to not have disaster the day before Thanksgiving I decided a test run was in order. Armed with heavy whipping cream and bittersweet chocolate I dove in, albeit a little late in the evening. The smell alone was divine and the swipes from the spatula were enough to convince me to stay up until the pie was set.

So at midnight we pulled out the pie server and let me tell you it was worth staying up past my bedtime. It was creamy and airy with the perfect cocoa flavor. Not overly sweet and certainly different than the Village Inn version I’ve been known to turn to in a pinch/crisis.

French Silk Pie

I can happily report that much like chocolate birthday cake this too can be sampled with your morning coffee. I was about to wrap up the remaining portion to take to work when Matt made a valid point about monitoring the pies longevity and freshness. So in the fridge it sits, getting suspiciously smaller every time I open the door.

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