UPDATE : Magical Pans

Those of you who have had the privilege of attending a potluck where Matt’s mom was in attendance undoubtedly know the magic of the Scotcharoo. It’s similar to a rice crispy treat but with peanut butter, chocolate, butterscotch and a little magic. They are crisp and chewy, sweet and salty, melt in your mouth wonderful. And luckily for me there always seems to be a pan on the counter when we come home.

The recipe came from a cereal box years ago and has been a staple of family gatherings ever since. In what I choose to view as a stamp of approval Matt’s mom gave me the recipe awhile back. And I have made them on a few occasions, but they never taste quite right. They are good and the batch disappears much too quickly, but they are missing something I can’t quite put my finger on.

Magic Pan

Enter the pan. Through a little sleuthing I have come to realize it’s the pan the Scotcharoos are made in that makes the difference. My pans are new(ish) and glass and don’t have the seasoning required for excellent Scotcharoos. So I have been on the lookout for an aged metal pan, preferably one with a snap on lid to keep them fresh. As a semi frequent auction goer I thought finding one would be fairly easy. Every auction has a couple boxes filled with pots and pans, and even 9×13 metal cake pans, but they never have their lids. Finally at an auction this weekend I found one! Slightly dented and with enough crosshatch marks in the bottom to know it has been well used. However the torrential downpour almost got the better of me, but I braved nature and stood outside with my dinky travel umbrella in order to bid my $1.00.

So all that’s left is to pick up a box of rice crispies and hope that magic will do its part.

UPDATE : While I am not a professional, though Matt is a lifelong connoisseur, I think these were pretty close to the real deal. A little tougher then I would like, but I think that came from over boiling the sugar mixture. The pan pulled through wonderfully! Some were packaged up and taken away and far too many were left here… for us to eat. I think that a few more trial batches will be required! And I have yet to test if they mail well, any volunteers?



  1. Linda Mueller

    That is a beautiful story and Kathy has shared with her crazy sister. I had the privilage of having my house invaded by the Hoffman girls last weekend and it has created memories that will last a lifetime …but no Scotcharoos!
    Hope you are Matt are doing well. Haven’t seen you two in a while. Need a wedding or something to get us togather…hint hint

  2. I hereby volunteer to eat every morsel of anything, be it delicious and refined or decadent and experimental, that comes in the mail from the author of te above article. Hand to God, no fingers crossed.

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