Labels & Cards… a Process

So with the name came the new site, new business cards, new labels and a pretty new stamp! I knew that I wanted the new logo on all these items in some form but it took quite a bit of trial and error I found the look I wanted.

The business cards were fairly straight forward once I decided to orientate them vertically instead of horizontally. The real drama came when I tried to get them printed. I really wanted to go with an Etsy vendor, but struck out on a number of attempts. Then I was in a time crunch and went with an office box store and it was a disaster. The printing was not evenly spaced, the ink was the wrong color, the paper was too flimsy and the edges on 1/3 of the cards looked as though they had been smacked with a hammer. Finally I went to a local store, that aside from their inconvenient hours, was amazing. The people were friendly and easy to work with, even though my order was probably their smallest to date.

New Business cards

For the labels the problem was not the vendor, I knew that I would go with JenniferJewels, I have used her in the past and am always thrilled with her work. The hang up was the design because the sky is the limit with Jennifer. She can do any size or color, you can choose sew in or iron on. Once I inverted the design the rest was just tweaking the proportions and sizing.

New label design!

The stamp was something new this time around. I had previously gone with a customized embossing plate, but it was a little limiting and cumbersome. This time around I decided to have a rubber stamp made. I went though the same shop that made my business cards and once I brush up on my inking skills it will be perfect!


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  1. I love the new design! I’m going to have to steal your idea though and have a stamp made. 🙂

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