A Trip to Home Fabrics

This store has been on my radar for a few weeks, but I just hadn’t had the chance to make a trip to Kansas City to check it out. Now that I have I think I need to go once a week just to make sure there is nothing new I need.

While the website looks a little sketchy and the stores location leaves a bit to be desired, unless you have a craving for butter laden Fazoli’s breadsticks, I can assure you that a trip is well worth your while. A side note for those in the area that might be planning a trip, there are TWO Metcalf Avenues that run parallel to each other, you want to take the Eastern one, trust me.

But back to the business at hand. I did not see a fabric over $7.99 a yard. And they had hundreds of bolts of decorator fabric, in any color/print imaginable, including some patterns I have seen recently in local shops. The real bargain came from the clearance fabrics which were $2.00 a yard. Yes $2 for 1944 square inches of fabric, that makes each square inch of fabric .001 cents, they are basically giving it away.

Home Fabrics

I did show some restraint and only purchased 9 yards. Five of which I am hoping inspire me to finish decorating the bedroom. I am unsure of what I will do with all the fabrics but I’m sure i will find a project or two to start.

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