Big Step

Matt has a new cousin, just a couple days new. And I thought that this would be the perfect opportunity to make a quilt, a REAL quilt, with lots of little pieces shown together as opposed to the cheater quilts I normally do. You know, the kind that are just two pieces of fabric joined with a with a ruffle or bias tape. They are nice and does a two year old really know the difference? Probably not, but I decided it was time, and when doing a blanket for a tiny little girl it can be small… which translates to less work!

So once I decided to make a quilt the dilemma became picking fabrics. Generally I pick and choose fabrics on a whim. Most things I make only use a few fabrics so coordination on a large scale is not an issue. But the pattern that I found, rather the picture that I am wanting to replicate, has SEVEN main fabrics, plus assorted others for the edges and binding. Let’s just say that Matt got worried when I was gone for an hour and a half. But I am happy with the result. They are sweet and soft in a baby blanket way but modern enough to be made by a 23 year old. I think they are a good mix, but I’ll only be able to tell for sure when they are pieced together.

Fabric for Julia's Quilt

I gleaned as many tips as I could from the kind ladies at Sarah’s, but if anybody has any tricks they would like to share I am all ears! So for now I am optimistic. Updates to follow!

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