Cool Weather = Good Sewing

While it may be a horrible thing to say I am enjoying the effects of Gustav up in Kansas. It brought a lovely, wonderful and much needed cool front that has left me wearing a sweater around that house and constantly holding a cup of tea. This in turn leads to more sewing, you see the office space that Matt and I share is a little tight. It has nothing to do with all my stuff… And the sewing machine sits on a little table near the window, which I swear has powers to manipulate the weather. So when it’s a standard 80 degrees out it feels like 100 while sitting at the sewing machine. Thus making it difficult to stay there for extended periods of time.

But with the sudden fall like temperatures I have been productive. Below you can see a sample of the new MacBook sleeves I put up on etsy. I am really happy with the new fabrics, especially the bold geometric print.

New MacBook Sleeve #1New MacBook Sleeve #2

New MacBook Sleeve #3New MacBook Sleeve #4

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