Krause Dining

It was perfect, memorable, delectable.

I have been thinking all week about how I could best describe our dinner at Krause Dining. We tried new things and some very unfamiliar things. We laughed and talked and lingered over our four hour meal. It was certainly an evening I’ll remember for a long time. But I will admit I had some fears as bundled up to leave the apartment, would I order the wrong drink? Would I offend the chef in some way? And of coarse the cliched though real fear of using the wrong fork! Fortunately no great faux-pas were committed, if they were the waitstaff was gracious enough to move right along.

I could list out each of our seven courses, though that might be a little tiresome and I admit I am a little fuzzy on some of the details, there were seven after all! So I’ll just run down some of the highlights.

1. The evening started with the most exquisite Hibiscus martini. I’m not generally a martini girl, but the waiters description left me with no other choice. It was crisp and not too sweet.

2. The fish course was truly perfection. Light flakey Atlantic chard atop a puree of roasted cauliflower, topped with avocado and caviar.

3. Without equivocation I can now say that I am not a fan of foie gras. There is no doubt in my mind that it was prepared impeccably, but the texture didn’t work for me.

4. I love pre-dessert! Imagine a tall flute layered with panna-cotta, a whisper of wasabi and a granny-smith and celery slushy on top. So it sounds odd, but it was amazing. The slushy was tart and a salty, the wasabi was hot and the panna cotta was a smooth and decadent vanilla cream.

5. I have decided that morning coffee should be served al la Krause Dining. You are presented with small chocolate cups that can be filled with either cream or Kahlua and placed in the bottom of your cup. Top with freshly roasted coffee and enjoy. Repeat. And repeat.

The best part? When we sat down the place settings consisted of A knife, A fork and A spoon! My silverware drawer is more complex than that! Additionally you were free to keep your utensils after each course OR relinquish them with your plate, a kind gentleman would simply come by before the next course and distribute replacements.

For those who have been you know it’s a hard experience to place into words and for those who haven’t been you have sadly missed your chance as tonight was the last dinner served. The upside is that they, the Krauses who opened the BurgerStand about a year ago, are opening a more traditional restaurant downtown. While it may not be seven courses I am sure that it will result in equally memorable outings.

Tuesday nights dinner? Oatmeal.

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  1. Hi, Terresa! We met today at the guild meeting and man, are you my lost soulmate? We just had an amazing dinner at the American Restaurant last night, and I can tell by your description of Krause Dining that you love good food as much as I do. It was so great to meet you today!

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