My Very Own Font

Matt has a knack for finding things he thinks I would like on the internet, little programs that would make my life easier. And I usually blow them off and then 6 months later I say “Hey wouldn’t it be neat if there was someway I could ________”

One particular instance of this popped up today. Often when I am making things on the computer I think that it would be great if I could have something appear in my handwriting. Sure you can write and scan the image but it inevitable involves lots of grumpiness and a less then impressive outcome. I was talking about wanting to change the website a bit and was lamenting the lack of font choices when Matt reminded me of a site he had found that lets you make your own font.this site. It takes your handwriting and turns it into a font that you can use just as you would Helvetica. It’s awesome and even more exciting it is free, but not for long!

Below is the completed template they provide. You have to stay within the lines, like writing on a Big Chief tablet, so I drew lines very lightly with a pencil before I filled in the characters. Make sure you erase them before you scan though!

My own font

I have grand plans for this font, but right now this little sample will have to do.

Picture 4.png

So once again Matt saved the afternoon, he’s kinda great that way!

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  1. looks lovely tessa! i love your handwriting!

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