Gift Card Holders!

So I hate, absolutely HATE to give gift cards, but sometimes they are the best gift option. Recently I added an itunes gift card to a birthday package and found myself wanting to dress it up a little. Something to make it a little more special and little more personal. I started to dig through the scrap bins of fabric and decided that I could make some sort of wallet or sleeve for the card. Large enough to hold the standard size gift card or cash folded in half.

A couple scraps of fabric, a little stabilizer, a button and about 30 minutes found me with this lovely wallet.

Gift Card Wallet (closed)

Gift Card Wallet (open)

Sadly my favorite part is probably a little impractical. The fabric covered button while cute is not very practical from a wallet standpoint. I think that after awhile it would get pulled off from being slid in and out of a pocket, but I haven’t tested it yet and am not willing to give it up just yet. I am contemplating a snap, but it seems to be bulky, and I detest velcro… If anyone has a suggestion on how to close these I would love to hear them!

So a little more trial and error will have to take place before they debut on Etsy. But I am hoping they can add a little cheer to the holiday season!


  1. i love this idea! i did a post on my blog about your blog adorableness!

  2. Aunt Lulu

    This is just what I need for Lizzy. Got her a new hard back wallet for her birthday. When she loaded all her i.d. cards, bogo discounts, etc. the new wallet wouldn’t snap shut! Something like this, maybe a little bigger to hold 1/4″ of cards, would be ideal as a wallet sidecar in purse.

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