24 Hr. Fabric Store

I have been working on a purse, using the fabulous new fabrics I purchased from Sarah’s, and per usual I changed my mind on the design, needed more fabric only to find that it was 9:30 at night and Sarah’s was decidedly NOT open.

It can be argued that I could get fabric at this time of night, but Wal-mart’s selection leaves a bit to be desired as far as handbags are concerned. So I made due and constructed one strap for the purse. It was cute and possibly could have worked if the purse had been larger overall, but the current size did not lend itself to the slouchy hobo style. Thus I had to rip out the stitches and go back to the store to purchase more fabric.

New Fall Purse Full View

However, I think that the end product is very nice. It’s fully lined and has a reinforced bottom with a separate fabric covered bottom insert. It fits nicely tucked under your arm and holds just the right amount of stuff.

New Fall Purse InteriorThe specifics…

11″ at bottom and flares to 15″
depth of about 3″
height of 9″
two straps measuring 20″ each
interior pocket of 8″ x 4″
magnetic tab closure

I’m thinking of adding it to my Etsy shop, I just need to work out some of the kinks!

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