Big Quilt Mini Vacation

Last month we took a little trip to Austin. A couple of good friends were getting married and we thought it would be the perfect excuse to get out of town for a bit.

While in Austin we played tourist a little, eating at Chuy’s, visiting that state capital and the LBJ Presidential museum. Matt took over camera duties for this trip and grabbed some great shots at the museum. We stayed at a great historical hotel downtown, the Intercontientel Stephen F. Austin. The rooms were on the smaller side but I had no complaints. The iron worked, the water pressure was good and the bed was incredibly comfortable. I will say that the room comes equipped with a minibar, which means no vending machines, so that $6 bottle of water is your only alternative to tap water.

I would like to say for the record that initially I did not procrastinate on the quilt. I knew I wanted to make a quilt, but the details were causing me some trouble. What design, what fabrics, did this feel right, would it seem to old ladyish? I choose three different fabric combinations before I finally settled on the right ones. The pattern took a little hemming and hawing but I feel it’s crisp and clean without being boring.

Matt & Libby's Quilt

But I forgot to take a picture… possibly because I finished it the night before we left… so you’ll have to imagine the finished product. Large rectangles with smaller ones inset in alternating fabrics. I am thinking about making something similar to this for myself, though I’m not sure I want to tackle something this large so soon!

Quilt pattern

Things learned while making this quilt:

Quilting the middle of a 55″ x 65″ quilt is a little tricky on a standard machine

It takes A LOT of thread to quilt such a large quilt

If your thread keeps breaking take the time to investigate or else you will spend FOREVER weaving the loose threads back in

Quilts are the perfect gift to travel with, folded in a big ziplock bag they can be compressed down to a fraction of their size, leaving plenty of room for that extra pair of shoes!

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  1. You have to get a photograph of that quilt from the persons you gave it to! I would like to see how you handled your fabric choices in the finished work!

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