Sewing Tip

Sewing AidAs I have been sewing more and more lately I have been trying to perfect my workspace. And as anyone who works in a small space knows it’s a challenge. One of the most useful tricks I have found is to keep a small pair of scissors near the sewing machine. AT ALL TIMES. My machine, a basic Brother, has a built in “thread cutter” but it’s awkward to get to.

I put cork tiles on the wall above my desk. I think I got mine at Target or Hobby Lobby, but most craft places have them. I use them to pin swatches of fabric to or floss cards with ribbon attached. But the real lifesaver is the pin in the corner where I hang a little pair of sizzors. It is within reach when I am sitting at my machine and if I remember to put them back instead of taking them to the ironing board they are always there when I need them.

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