MacBook Sleeve

I’ve always been on the hunt for the perfect laptop bag, searching for six years has left me with a variety of bags, but none really seemed to hit the mark. Then I realized that maybe what I was after was a sleeve that I could carry alone or drop into one of the myriad of bags I already owned.

New MacBook Sleeve

This lead me down a long path, with many prototypes and lots of disgruntled attempts to get the right proportions and usability. I think that I have finally hit the nail on the head! A lightly padded sleeve with a tab and button closure. A fabric covered button, which is my FAVORITE part of the sleeve. It is adorable to carry on it’s own but also protects my happy MacBook from the scary things that linger in the depths of my purse.

MacBook Sleeve

I’m working on some more, different fabric combos, for purchase. And the boyfriend has requested one, though it might take a special trip to the fabric store for “boy” approved fabric. Which is all by way of saying that I’m working on a pattern for a MacBook Pro that will hopefully be up soon too!

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