Paper Source Trip

Newest goodies

So I finally made a trip to Paper-Source, I managed to leave with just one bag and money in my wallet. It’s a fabulous store. I went to the one located on the Plaza in Kansas City, where I must say their staff is wonderful! They put up with my wondering and incessant questions.
Above is a photo of some of the treasures I found. Including beautiful double faced satin ribbon in a variety of colors/widths and at an amazing price. I was in heaven. They also have the standard return address labels in every color imaginable. Because they are a standard size I was able to run them through my printer as shown above which makes them even more wonderful!

Couple of other things I found were not necessarily unique but nice to have. A set of precut hang tags, always good for a last minute gift. And a package of glassine envelopes, which I am thinking would be cute to put a big cookie in or to mail birthday invitations in, though not sure what postage would be for that small size.

So no big splurges, though I am contemplating an embosser. The real question is whether to get a rectangular or circular one (I could only find the rectangular one on their website).

It was a pretty successful trip and I am absolutely sure that I will be back, a lot.

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