Button Purse

Another wedding season has come and gone, and with it the ever nagging question of what to wear to these events. White is out of the question, and black seems gloomy, not too mention hot when the nuptuals are occuring outside. And there is always the fear that you will unintentianally match the bridal party, a mishap that I was personally victim to this year. It was an honest mistake, the invites where black and white, how was I to know that the colors were tourquise and pink? Regardless the tourquise ensamble did lead to a cute new accesory, the button purse. I had been intending to make it for years, literally, but I finally had the spare time to make it and now I want one in every color!

Button Purse

plain unadorned purse (I chose a white cotten clutch from a vintage clothing store)
white buttons in assorted sizes and materials (Again from the same vintage store)
rit dye (One color, the buttons will all take the same color differntly, but in the same hue)
glue (Just a basic craft glue, I used Tacky Glue)

To start mix the dye, I loosly followed the directions, I’m not a big believer in following directions. So I mixed the hot water in a bowl with dye and threw in the buttons, gave it a stir and let them sit for a bit. Obviously the longer they sit the darker the colors will be so it’s really up to you. I used a small strainer to pull out the buttons and run them under cool water until the water ran clear. Then I laid them out on a towel to dry completely. I didn’t pretreat the purse in anyway, I just started applying a small amount of glue to the back of the buttons, and started placing them. I started by arranging the larger buttons across the front of the purse and then filling in with the smaller.


  1. thistlecrayon

    This is soooo pretty and I love it to death šŸ™‚ I saw a thumbnail of this while Googling for purse blanks and had to come see it! This is a winner.

  2. Martha

    so adorable! I did something similar with an old pair of shoes. I must try the button dyeing technique though!!

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